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As we hear of problems, we will post them here with solutions or work-arounds.


  • Excel tic boxes and/or option buttons are not responding
  • When I load my Excel Workbook, I am getting run-time error 32809.

The problem is caused by an update (KB2553154) that was released by Microsoft in December.  The update causes problems with Active X and Form Controls.
If you have experienced either of these problems, close Excel and follow these steps to correct it:

  1. Make sure the Microsoft KB2553154 Update has been installed.
    To do this, click on the WINDOWS START button, located in the lower left side of your monitor.
    You will get a popup menu, at the bottom of the popup is a search field.  Type in “Windows Update”.  As you are entering it, you will see a list that contains matching fields.   Towards the top is a section titled CONTROL PANEL.  Click on “check for updates”  There will be a section indicating when Updates were last installed.  If your computer has not had updates since before December 2014, continue.  If it is something after January 2015, you can probably skip to step 3 (below).  If you want to be absolutely sure, click on “installed updates” and look for KB2553154.
  2. If your computer has not been updated since December 2014, it is likely you will need to get your updates installed.  Towards the top of the same screen referenced above will be message indicating how many important updates are available.  Click it and it will give you a list of updates to install.  You only need the one with the number KB2553154 however, you may want to install all updates.  After installing, you may need to reboot your computer.
  3. Once the KB2553154 update is installed, you now need to run a fix.  That file can be downloaded by clicking on this “Microsoft Fix It” link.  It will download a file.  Once it’s completed downloading, run the file.  It will find and delete the bad file(s)  in the update.