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XtremeXL provides a wide-variety of services to improve how you work with Excel and manipulate data.  We offer 4 primary services:

We can use your existing forms or create new ones from scratch.  Regardless of which department you are in, we can help improve your forms making them:

  • Easier to use through the use of pick lists, tic boxes, and option buttons
  • More professional looking providing a clean interface
  • Provide you better and more standardized information
  • Integrate into your other systems and/or forms to eliminate re-entering the same data

Let us help you take your existing data and turn it into a meaningful dashboard where all your important metrics are on one page.  Instantly know how your business or department is doing.  Identify your top performers or weak links.  Watch what is trending.  Users love our dashboards.

We can design an estimating system in Excel, avoiding the licensing of expensive specialized software.  Our applications take into consideration all the variables that are necessary for you and your users to price up complex installations and/or services.

We offer web-based or on-site training customized to your needs.

W. Dennis Moore built his first semi-automated estimating system in 1978 with a programmable HP calculator.  It reduced the time to generate a quote from 2 weeks to minutes and eliminated the need for an estimating department.  Dennis was an early adopter of spreadsheets and quickly started building custom forms and estimating systems in Lotus 1∙2∙3.  When Microsoft Excel came along, Dennis utilized the feature-rich program to build powerful yet easy-to-use applications for a variety of purposes.  XtremeXL was started in 1998 to support companies that needed custom applications without having to pay exorbitant licensing fees for additional software.  Since Microsoft Office was already installed on nearly every corporate laptop, there were no other licensing fees necessary.   Today, XtremeXL has expanded into integrating with other platforms and systems doing a wide-range of data input and manipulation.